Working on industrial paint removal problems?
[Working on industrial paint removal problems?]

At present, the trend in the field of industrial paint removal and cleaning from layers of paint is thermal paint removal and chemical paint removal. Since its creation, our company has specialised in the production of such equipment.
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WAGNER - technology for industrial paint shops
[WAGNER - technology for industrial paint shops]

Surface finishing is the final step in industrial production. WAGNER products provide users with optimum solutions for piece, small-series and mass production. * Broad range of equipment * Small manual lines to fully automated lines * Powder painting equipment * Wet painting equipment.
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PARIS - Industrial control systems
[PARIS - Industrial control systems]

The PARIS system is intended for the creation of control applications to monitor and manage production in all industrial fields. The system's concept places emphasis on speed, simplicity and the repeatability of solutions. It can be implemented in small applications as well as in large-scale solutions.
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